Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know there are a lot of baseball blogs out there, and I will try my best to make this one interesting and different.  However, I am not a writer, and this is a labor of love.  I simply want to discuss baseball far more frequently than anyone I know in my actual life, and this will give me an outlet to both research baseball topics and give my opinion, however irrelevant.  I do not claim to be an expert in any baseball related field, only to love baseball enough to blog about it.  Perhaps you will agree with me, perhaps you will disagree.  I invite your opinions and if I am wrong about something, invite you to set me straight.  Any respectful comments and/or criticisms are welcome!

Biking  to Spring Training

My first blogging endeavor will be to ‘ride’ my sweet vintage Schwinn exercise bike to Spring Training in Phoenix, Arizona.  As I will be unable to attend in person this year, the idea struck me as I was exercising the other day.  I will set out from Madison, Wisconsin on December 5, 2011 (the first day of the Winter Meetings in Milwaukee, WI) and arrive sometime during the week before Spring Training at the Cactus League home of the Milwaukee Brewers, Maryvale Baseball Park.  As this will give me plenty of time to cover the distance, I will be taking scenic detours to ‘visit’ sites and sights that interest me along the way.  I estimate that I will need only ride around 20 miles a day, which will give me days off as well as ensuring I will arrive early.

I will post an entry each day of my virtual journey, however long or short, of the route I took (complete with map) as well as things encountered along the route.  You can follow my progress on Twitter, where I will be posting updates (and notifying OF updates to the blog) which you can follow under the name: @on_base_mrbeast.  Feel free to suggest stops along the way at my blog’s email address,  If you like what I’m doing, please RT or recommend me on Twitter.  Though I do not expect this to be the blog-of-the-century, I would like a few readers so I am not just talking to myself.  I will debut the standard format of this blog the during Spring Training.  Thanks for visiting and stop by again soon!

– Shelly & Mr.Beast