Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get your Brewer T's HERE!!

Attention Brewer Fans! 
It's time to start printing the Brewer T-shirts!  They will be printed at a great local small business in Madison, WI: Madtown Printing.  They use environmentally friendly processes & inks; their quality is top-notch. Both designs are done in halftones, which you can see close-ups of around the edges.  

MVBraun - pretty self explanatory.  I love Ryan Braun, he's the MVP. Great to show your support for Ryan during this whole scandal thing, but PERFECT if you want to keep wearing it & forget it never happened after it's all said & done.  Ink is Navy &  White.

Rock the Keg - This one is inspired by Nyjer Morgan's affectionate nickname for Miller Park.  He called it 'The Keg' in several interviews & asked Brewer fans to 'Rock the Keg.'  Graphic features Miller Park as a keg complete with tapper! Ink is Blue (more of a retro Brewer's blue) & White.

They are available in sizes M-XXL, & will cost you only $17 for a one-of-a-kind item!  $17 includes tax but not shipping.  Though I am a nerd I do not know how to set up a shopping cart or have my blog automatically take orders, so please email: and let me know which shirt, size, & color.  Because this is more of a hobby & labor of love, I am waiting until I have a number of pre-orders before having shirts printed up.  (After enough orders come in, I'll contact you for payment/shipping.)  But if you are patient you will have a one-of-a-kind Brewer shirt that everyone will be asking you about! As before, the same images are available on a wide array of products at my CafePress shop.

Thanks for stopping - another post goes up New Years Day (an actual article this time i swear)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now Available!

BREWERS STUFF at Cafe Press! 

On Base with Mr.Beast & Bee Kind Design is pleased to announce our sweet new Milwaukee Brewers SWAG! In two great designs: ‘MVBraun’ (support your favorite MVP) and ‘Rock the Keg’ – a design inspired by Nyjer Morgan's affectionate nickname for Miller Park.  I apologize that there isn’t much time before Xmas, but if you upgrade shipping CafePress says it will make it.  I hadn’t planned on having it done for Xmas – hurry before the lawyers shut it down!

Designs available on everything from clothing to mousepads.  Sorry no Men’s T’s yet….but they are….


MVBraun, and Rock the Keg T-shirts, in a variety of sizes.  Designed by graphic design company Bee Kind Design (i.e. ME) , these items are a great one-of-a-kind way to support your Milwaukee Brewers!  T’s will be hand-screenprinted  by Madison, WI printing company Madtown Printing.  They are a small business ran with focus squarely on quality of product and  environmental responsibility!  We are currently working out the details and hope to have them for sale soon.

If you need a graphic designer, please visit my company, Bee Kind Design.  Bee Kind Design is a value-driven business. We believe that it is our responsibility as citizens of the community and members of the human race to do more than turn a profit, and we are willing to put our money where are values are. We offer a significant discount to non-profit organizations, and 5% of our profits are donated to three local charities. 

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Standing by Ryan Braun

Never in a million years did I think this would be my first real blog entry. Enough has already been said about NLVP Ryan Braun, who is appealing his positive test for performance enhancing drugs, and so my comments will be short and sweet.  I believe Ryan Braun is innocent, for several reasons.

1) He says he is innocent, and I believe he is a man of his word.

2) I think Braun cares deeply about his image and legacy, and so would not risk it. 

3) Braun has consistently been a tremendous performer his whole career, and has been tested for substances his whole career.  So either he’s been taking PEDs his whole career and been incredibly lucky to avoid detection, or this is BS as he says.  

I think it is incredibly unfair that Braun has to suffer the consequences of a premature report before all facts are known.  Whomever leaked the report should be held accountable for the damage they are doing to his reputation.  Regardless of the outcome that is a breach of privacy and players are entitled to have testing kept private until the issue is fully resolved.

My favorite comments on the matter come from fellow Braun supporter, @MadameKarenina . She tweets:

I've defended #Braun all night. If he does not win the appeal, I will not set foot in Miller Park again. That's how much I believe him. He's not a cheater, and he's not stupid. He'd have to be both to use.

Well said.  Now we just have to have patience while this all plays out. Hang in there, Ryan.

And here’s the entry that was supposed to be posted today:

I had expected to post entries daily about my virtual journey to AZ via my exercise bike, but then I realized I didn’t really have enough to base a daily blog post on.  As a result I will be beginning my ‘regularly scheduled programming’ ASAP contingent upon getting my crap together.  My first idea was to have a rigid schedule (such and such on first and third Monday, that sort of thing) but I think I’d rather go more free-form so this is more fun and less obligation.  Features include:

Riding to AZ – once a week with summary of progress
Monthly Feature – in depth article of substantial length
Baseball Book review – I read a book.  Then I review it.
Can of Corn – Photoshop comic featuring Mr. Beast et al
Talk Tuesday – interviews with players and others
The Wednesday Weird – strange stories in the world of baseball
Thursday Purrs and Grrrs. – Opinion editorial
Favorite Friday – pretty straightforward, I talk about my faves

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know there are a lot of baseball blogs out there, and I will try my best to make this one interesting and different.  However, I am not a writer, and this is a labor of love.  I simply want to discuss baseball far more frequently than anyone I know in my actual life, and this will give me an outlet to both research baseball topics and give my opinion, however irrelevant.  I do not claim to be an expert in any baseball related field, only to love baseball enough to blog about it.  Perhaps you will agree with me, perhaps you will disagree.  I invite your opinions and if I am wrong about something, invite you to set me straight.  Any respectful comments and/or criticisms are welcome!

Biking  to Spring Training

My first blogging endeavor will be to ‘ride’ my sweet vintage Schwinn exercise bike to Spring Training in Phoenix, Arizona.  As I will be unable to attend in person this year, the idea struck me as I was exercising the other day.  I will set out from Madison, Wisconsin on December 5, 2011 (the first day of the Winter Meetings in Milwaukee, WI) and arrive sometime during the week before Spring Training at the Cactus League home of the Milwaukee Brewers, Maryvale Baseball Park.  As this will give me plenty of time to cover the distance, I will be taking scenic detours to ‘visit’ sites and sights that interest me along the way.  I estimate that I will need only ride around 20 miles a day, which will give me days off as well as ensuring I will arrive early.

I will post an entry each day of my virtual journey, however long or short, of the route I took (complete with map) as well as things encountered along the route.  You can follow my progress on Twitter, where I will be posting updates (and notifying OF updates to the blog) which you can follow under the name: @on_base_mrbeast.  Feel free to suggest stops along the way at my blog’s email address,  If you like what I’m doing, please RT or recommend me on Twitter.  Though I do not expect this to be the blog-of-the-century, I would like a few readers so I am not just talking to myself.  I will debut the standard format of this blog the during Spring Training.  Thanks for visiting and stop by again soon!

– Shelly & Mr.Beast