Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get your Brewer T's HERE!!

Attention Brewer Fans! 
It's time to start printing the Brewer T-shirts!  They will be printed at a great local small business in Madison, WI: Madtown Printing.  They use environmentally friendly processes & inks; their quality is top-notch. Both designs are done in halftones, which you can see close-ups of around the edges.  

MVBraun - pretty self explanatory.  I love Ryan Braun, he's the MVP. Great to show your support for Ryan during this whole scandal thing, but PERFECT if you want to keep wearing it & forget it never happened after it's all said & done.  Ink is Navy &  White.

Rock the Keg - This one is inspired by Nyjer Morgan's affectionate nickname for Miller Park.  He called it 'The Keg' in several interviews & asked Brewer fans to 'Rock the Keg.'  Graphic features Miller Park as a keg complete with tapper! Ink is Blue (more of a retro Brewer's blue) & White.

They are available in sizes M-XXL, & will cost you only $17 for a one-of-a-kind item!  $17 includes tax but not shipping.  Though I am a nerd I do not know how to set up a shopping cart or have my blog automatically take orders, so please email: and let me know which shirt, size, & color.  Because this is more of a hobby & labor of love, I am waiting until I have a number of pre-orders before having shirts printed up.  (After enough orders come in, I'll contact you for payment/shipping.)  But if you are patient you will have a one-of-a-kind Brewer shirt that everyone will be asking you about! As before, the same images are available on a wide array of products at my CafePress shop.

Thanks for stopping - another post goes up New Years Day (an actual article this time i swear)

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