Sunday, December 11, 2011

Standing by Ryan Braun

Never in a million years did I think this would be my first real blog entry. Enough has already been said about NLVP Ryan Braun, who is appealing his positive test for performance enhancing drugs, and so my comments will be short and sweet.  I believe Ryan Braun is innocent, for several reasons.

1) He says he is innocent, and I believe he is a man of his word.

2) I think Braun cares deeply about his image and legacy, and so would not risk it. 

3) Braun has consistently been a tremendous performer his whole career, and has been tested for substances his whole career.  So either he’s been taking PEDs his whole career and been incredibly lucky to avoid detection, or this is BS as he says.  

I think it is incredibly unfair that Braun has to suffer the consequences of a premature report before all facts are known.  Whomever leaked the report should be held accountable for the damage they are doing to his reputation.  Regardless of the outcome that is a breach of privacy and players are entitled to have testing kept private until the issue is fully resolved.

My favorite comments on the matter come from fellow Braun supporter, @MadameKarenina . She tweets:

I've defended #Braun all night. If he does not win the appeal, I will not set foot in Miller Park again. That's how much I believe him. He's not a cheater, and he's not stupid. He'd have to be both to use.

Well said.  Now we just have to have patience while this all plays out. Hang in there, Ryan.

And here’s the entry that was supposed to be posted today:

I had expected to post entries daily about my virtual journey to AZ via my exercise bike, but then I realized I didn’t really have enough to base a daily blog post on.  As a result I will be beginning my ‘regularly scheduled programming’ ASAP contingent upon getting my crap together.  My first idea was to have a rigid schedule (such and such on first and third Monday, that sort of thing) but I think I’d rather go more free-form so this is more fun and less obligation.  Features include:

Riding to AZ – once a week with summary of progress
Monthly Feature – in depth article of substantial length
Baseball Book review – I read a book.  Then I review it.
Can of Corn – Photoshop comic featuring Mr. Beast et al
Talk Tuesday – interviews with players and others
The Wednesday Weird – strange stories in the world of baseball
Thursday Purrs and Grrrs. – Opinion editorial
Favorite Friday – pretty straightforward, I talk about my faves

Thanks for visiting, I’ll tweet when I post blog updates. Please remember to follow my blog specific Twitter handle, @on_base_mrbeast

Until next time - @SLVonGlahn

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