Friday, February 17, 2012

Creative Game-Day Gear!

I’d planned this post a while and when I saw Miller Park Drunk’s ‘Brewer Fashion Week’ posts, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Visit Miller Park Drunk for consistently hilarious Brewer-related posts!

Because I got both my undergraduate and masters degree in art, I have lived like a student for most of my adult life. (read: poor) I also love clothes, shopping, and fashion in general. As you might guess I am a familiar face at local thrift stores.  Thrift store shopping has always been a favorite activity of mine; I can easily spend three or more hours at a time going through each and very item.  (You have to, they’re all different!) Add all these factors up and it was a natural outcome that I start making my own one-of-a-kind game day gear. 

Unfortunately I am not talking about my screenprinted designs which I’d been hoping to sell – as some of you noticed they are not available on CafePress any longer.  Apparently they keep a better eye on copyright laws than I expected…. I am still looking at screenprinting T-s locally with a company that has a license to use Brewers’ images.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Here’s my first game day masterpiece – Yes I bought a ‘Ryan Braun’ shirt jersey.  I REFUSE TO USE THE WORD SHIRSEY.  Even funnier, I bought a large CHILDREN’S shirt, because they are even cheaper.  (Hey I just told you I was thrifty, I prefer to think of it as a talent)  Of course, the cut of a child’s shirt made it impossible to wear, as a grown woman. SO it sat in my closet until I found a sweet 1970’s zip hoodie in retro Brewer blue.  Add them together and you have my favorite outfit of the 2011 postseason.  I wore it for several weeks without washing it…. Generally with my stocking cap. (not homemade but haven’t seen too many) 

Though not clothing, this sign was an indispensable accessory for the postseason.  It went to the NL Central clinching game as well as all three home NLDS games against the Arizona Diamonbacks.  I don’t know if I made it on TV, but I finally made it on the Jumbotron.  It was during the middle of the 8th inning during game 5.  The crowd went crazy when they saw it up there.  Incredible moment.  I’m going to take this to some games next year too. (and it lives on as my Twitter avatar for @SLVonglahn, and a button below)

After my success at making my Ryan Braun retro hoodie, I kept an eye out for pieces to refurbish.  I found the next two.  Left is a nice older athletic zip up in a decent weight, the right is a fantastic vintage SILK cardigan.  Both in retro Brewer’s blue. (You’ll notice I stick exclusively to the ball and glove logo) While I had planned on transforming them, I think I’ll keep them as solid color pieces to accessorize with…..

My hand-crocheted Brewers stocking cap with matching scarf!!!! My mom made this set for me, for Xmas.  She is so creative and talented.  Currently she is making cute stocking caps which are donated to a hospital to give to cancer patients.  How incredible is that!  She crocheted them, and I applied the 
‘B R E W E R S’ and the logo, cut from another thrift store shirt.

If you’re more in to T-shirts, and you can’t wait for my shirts to come out, please visit Forward Fabrics.  Unique, humorous, locally made. (Milwaukee) I guarantee you’ll get asked “WHERE did you get that shirt???” Follow them on Twitter: @forwardfabrics

As far as shoes, I wholeheartedly agree with the Miller Park Drunk – Converse shoes are awesome.  Always comfortable, available in any color at all.  During this offseason I ran into these, not super sure about them. Should I cut off the ‘fur’? They’re pretty crazy, we’ll see how they fit in the rotation.

And finally, I managed to get an order off before CafePress got wise.  I ordered a selection of buttons to put on my MLB bag. (which I got for $3 at Savers) I need a lot of storage when I go to the ballpark. Gatorade to rehydrate after the 7th, AM radio to listen to Uecker, glove, wallet, camera, whatever giveaway is going on, etc.

OK one more. I happened across this in the clearance isle at Walgreens today & squealed in delight. A  Whitman's sampler of chocolate! Baseball & chocolate, what more do I need? The faux leather box with stitching will be great for ticket stubs & other baseball trinkets... If you hurry you might still be able to find one, though a Google search oddly yields nothing....

So remember, if you’re tired of the same old mass-produced gear, you have options.  Hopefully I gave you some ideas and a little inspiration!

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